Project Shiksha

Project Shiksha’s vision is provide a chance to have a strong Educational foundation for the under-privileged children. This empowerment will embolden them to make choices and aim for a future without bounds/ bondage – an Un-Bound Future.

Our Story

During our trip to our village, we found many children wandering around aimlessly in the market or simply idling away by the river. We found that most of them were not attending school either while others were attending the government school only to get the mid-meal served as per a government scheme. After the meal, they would bunk the class and run away to the river or the forest. In addition, we also found a large number of school dropouts in the village. We decided to do something about this.

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

We started by taking volunteers to the village to draw these kids. As they started coming to the ‘Trekker’s hut’ (our residence), their interest in studies grew. We take pride in stating that the awareness towards education in the whole area has improved and most children are now attending schools. The School dropout rate at the primary level has gone down. Due to this awareness in & around the valley, even poor families are sending their children to school now.

As the number of children wanting to attend school grew, we felt the need to do more than just teach them at the hut. Some of our activities for children includes:

Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship is the most important aspects of our program through which kids from financially poor backgrounds have a chance at getting an education. Every year, we select a few deserving and needy children and enrol them in a school. As on date, we have 26 kids and the number is growing every year.

For more details like how who these children are, how are they selected for sponsorship, how long do you have to sponsor etc, please click here:(Sponsor a Child)

We found that sending a child to school was not enough and thus, was born the Integrated Learning Centre. This is where they get extra tutoring/ help with their studies. We are also available to them to discuss their problems amongst other things besides studies. Together we discuss problems, try to find solutions, take part in various activities and have fun too!  At ILC, we keep track of all the students and give them personal attention. We maintain child records and help maintain communication with sponsors and the children.

For more details, please click here: (Integrated Learning Centre)

Hostel for the Needy student

As of now, we do not have a hostel ourselves but arrange for some of the children to stay with other families closer to school.

We operate from a building we rent from the government. This place requires regular maintenance work eating in to our precious reserves. It is also too small for us to conduct our day-to-day activities as we run out of space for the children. It pinches more on a rainy day as the children sit cramped in the passage. We are also unable to expand the activities of ILC due to this space constrain.

Therefore, it is imperative to have our own place, our own Children’s Home.  There is a strong and urgent need for such a place in Bijanbari.