At present, we offer volunteer opportunities to teach English to small kids and adults. This is a good way to experience life in a rural area and exchange your idea and experiences.

Who do you teach?

School going children: Most of these kids are sponsored. The age group is from mostly 04 to 12 years. The emphasis is on spoken English through songs, nursery rhymes games, worksheets etc. You will also help them learn basic life skills, maintaining hygiene and keeping clean etc.

Depending on your experience (confidence), you can also teach Maths, Science and other subjects to the Senior kids (Age group: 14 to 18 years).  These children need help with English Grammar.

Teaching Adolescents and adults: This is an interesting group from various backgrounds like skilled labourers, school dropouts who are enrolled in the University on a self-study scheme etc. This group knows some English but are not as confident especially in written English.

Teaching duration: You shall teach at least one hour each day to each group (you may choose to teach only one group) Monday to Friday. We reserve Saturdays for group discussion where we talk about our problems and look at solutions. We usually organize some fun activities like walks, picnic or some competition (painting, singing, dancing etc.)

Who can sign up and for how long?

Previous experience is not required. Though we are also in need of people with experience in Teaching English to help us on a long-term basis. We require you to sign up for at least 06 weeks.

What do you get?

Accommodation is provided in a dormitory.  A small amount for food may be charged.

Please send us your request: