Project Siksha

Based in Bijanbari (Dist. Darjeeling), Project Shiksha is a support initiative to provide Educational opportunities for underprivileged children. We strongly believe that only education can empower our children to make the right choices in life and embolden them to chase their dreams. It is the foundation for our future. For Project Siksha, we raise funds to sponsor books, school fees, shoes and uniforms, and education support for young children.

The Beginning

In 2004, we took our first batch of Volunteers to Bijanbari. We taught the junior kids. We were soon flooded by the kids who would spend even their Sundays with us. Since then we have not looked back.

We take pride in stating that the awareness towards education in the whole area has improved and most children are now attending schools. The School dropout rate at the primary level has gone down. Due to this awareness in & around the valley, even poor families are sending their children to school now.

On ground Accomplishments:

  • We fully support the education of 30 students.
  • We run the Integrated Learning Centre that provides academic guidance as well as general counselling to the students and their parents.
  • Support for Higher studies: Our students are enrolled in various colleges like the St. Joseph’s College Darjeeling, Siliguri College (City College) and Christ University Bengaluru.
  • One girl is undergoing Nursing Training at the Nursing training school, Darjeeling.
  • One Boy is studying to become a Chef at the Food Corporation Institute, Darjeeling.
  • Four children have undergone the 15-Day Adventure Course from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), Darjeeling winning several medals during their training program.
  • Our students have been School toppers in the Class X & Class XII CBSE Board Exam.
  • Most of the kids have achieved awards for not only Academic excellence but also for Sports, Music and other Co-curricular Activities in the School as well as the village.

Some of our kids have also won awards and accolades at the District Level Marathon and Dance Competitions.