Project Sanskar Suvidha Sewa(SSS)

Launched by Col Pradhan in 2014, this is an initiative in the National Capital Region of Delhi to provide free but dignified last minute rites for the departed.

The Beginning

Col. Pradhan has worked closely with the Delhi Police North-East Cell and the North-East Representatives (DPNER’s). In his interactions, he found that many dead bodies lie unclaimed in the morgue and after a stipulated time, these bodies are cremated as lawaris (Orphan/ abandoned).

After a lot of research he found that amongst the many migrating to the city in search of jobs:

  • Many cannot afford good hospital, proper medical attention nor can they return to their village due to financial problems. Some of them die on a roadside and are picked up as unclaimed dead bodies.
  • Some individuals die in an accident or are victims of violence/abuse and other crime. SSS tries to locate the families of such people. Sadly, many families back home refuse to claim the bodies or are too poor to do anything.

This really saddened Col Pradhan and he decided to give such people a dignified burial. With support from his friends, he launched Sanskar Suvidha Sewa in 2014. This service assists any unclaimed dead bodies of North-Eastern and Gorkha community in Delhi-NCR areas. It has received support from not only friends but also ably supported by the Delhi Police for North-East.