Project Sammaan

It is an initiative to inculcate a culture of the environment, sustainability, and rural development initiatives in Bijanbari, Darjeeling District. It aims to enable and empower the rural communities with knowledge, leadership, and execution capabilities for holistic development and transformation of villages. Creating new opportunities and possibilities of a Sustainable Livelihood not only fulfils the aspirations of rural communities to break the cycle of poverty but also gives them a chance to have a future without bounds or bondage – Unbound Futures.

The Beginning

We have also felt a strong sense of responsibility for building our community. In the context of emerging village culture in terms of Employability and Sustainability, the cost of maintaining & cultivating the fields has become an expensive venture. With low employability options, we are witnessing a lot of migration to the cities in search of work-averse to the traditional work in the village. Lack of the right skill-set makes it difficult for these migrants in pursuing opportunities in dearth hence as an outcome, labour work is the only viable source of income in the city.

Through Project Sammaan, we are setting up animal farms, running skills development training programs, and agriculture related projects.

On ground Accomplishments:

Our first step has been to help the families of sponsored children so that the parents can provide food and create a conducive environment for the student.

Some Activities we have undertaken so far:

  • Setting up the animal farm (Chicken, Goat, Pig).
  • Help repair and maintain Roofs and build toilets.
  • Setting up electricity backups.
  • We distributed Notebooks, Clothes, School bags, Geometry boxes etc. to the needy students and families in the basti (far off areas in the highlands, where there are no motor-able roads). We are thankful to our patrons for all the contribution.
  • Sponsor locals to attend workshops in Permaculture with a sister organisation so that they can return and help us in spreading the message.
  • We have recently tied up with Anant Foundation for Innovation and Social Inclusion to undertake training initiatives in Bijanbari.