Our lives during the Pandemic

The year 2020 has brought in a new virus called corona/covid-19. This pandemic has made all the people stay at our respective homes for the last two months. It was on 16th march that our college officially announced that it will be closed for a month. This decision was made by WHO and the government for the safety of the people as the virus started spreading all over the country. There is no antidote for this virus, and people are dying; more than thousands of people have lost their lives within a month. This virus has made everyone standstill. Hence the government announced lockdown all over the country.

Due to this lockdown a lot of problems have come to the fore. People living in the streets began to starve, people away from home got stuck and were unable to come home. Schools and colleges were closed so this also hampered studies. But doctors, nurses, policemen and soldiers are fighting against this virus. Our teachers have started taking classes online. My teachers also started taking classes online through the Zoom Meeting App. This was a good idea but this is not that easy. My teachers and one – fourth of my classmates are Bengali hence our teachers prefer speaking bengali during classes. I along with my non-bengali friends requested them to teach in english so they started mixing both bengali and english. Due to language differences, it has been one of the biggest challenge for me. And the network gave us tough times. Due to network fluctuation most of us are not attending the classes sometimes nor can we join the interactive sessions. And as my belongings are locked up in my paying guest so half of my books are also locked up out there. No one thought that this pandemic would affect the world at such a vast scale! This made my time harder so I am trying to use google to study these days.

I have been spending my time attending online classes and doing household works, I have gained more experience in cooking. Whenever I feel low and bored I listen to music. I stopped stepping out of the house. I have become more conscious about my health; I exercise daily, I drink plenty of water and maintain my hygiene. Now the people seem to be conscious too; they wear masks, maintain social distancing and keep their hopes high for better tomorrow. But I miss my friends; I am missing the days we spent together, like life was good with them but all I can do right now is cherish those beautiful memories and hope to meet them soon.

As for now after facing all these tough times I just hope people will follow the rules and won’t step out of their houses unnecessarily. As we all know prevention is better than a cure; there is no better way to get through this pandemic than prevention hence by preventing crowds we can stop virus from spreading and we can soon overcome it and soon we can step out of our homes without fear and start our life once again and work for a better future.

-Bibisha Tamang

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