Our Residential Quarters

The Trekker’s Hut

We operate from a place called the Trekker’s Hut, Bijanbari which is the epicentre of our activities.

It is on the first floor of a two-storied large building. The ground floor houses the ‘Himul’ Milk chilling plant.

There is a large terrace to sit out, bask in the sun, play carrom board, take classes etc.

There’s a large kitchen that also serves as a dining hall.

All volunteers live in the large dormitory. There are two western toilets & bathroom. There is a separate wash basin in the terrace. There is a small ground in front of the chilling plant where the afternoon kids come to play.  The Trekker’s hut is located on one end of the village along a stream that joins the Little Rangeet River that flows along the village.

The view from the terrace is very scenic. The rooms face the hillside that sees a lot of beautiful birds in the morning. Hence sitting on the terrace one feels at peace with nature. One can enjoy the place in the mornings, late afternoon you can always expect children to show up even on holidays!

There are beautiful scenic walks in all directions.

We have a Television, DVD player, and speakers. We also have a small library with novels.

There are internet cafés, photo studios and cash machines in the village. The small market also has cloth stores, books & stationery stores, tailors, goldsmiths, grocery stores, fruit & Vegetable vendors, Photocopy stores etc.