My crazy days of lockdown

Today when the whole world is under the grip of the life-threatening virus, Covid-19, it has urged each and every one of us to stay home. In fact, it has been much necessary for all of us to remain in our respective homes in order to protect ourselves from getting infected by this. Though this lockdown has resulted in great loss for people belonging to all walks of life from daily labourers to high professionals however we must fight against this situation by sacrificing our daily routines.

In these days of lockdown myself I have also returned home to my family. These days are particularly hard for me as a student with huge pressure of completing my syllabus but it’s not the end of the road. I have been working hard to cope with my syllabus with the help of my teachers. This period of lockdown has given me an opportunity to learn many more things.

Besides my online classes, I am trying many new recipes. I am now a proper chef! I use my free time to perfect origami and drawings – I am very fond of them. Other times I give to my family where we talk about various topics especially of my parents’ childhood days, the problems they faced and many more. We are having a good time bonding as my sister is also back home. So, these days of 2020 of mine though count to be hard but it is somewhat good too.

There is no certainty as to when will we get rid of this virus but the thing is that we should not panic. We should stand together and fight against this. Staying at home and utilizing this time in a more progressive way is one of the best ways to contribute.

-Ashika Tamang