Help Us Build


We operate from a building we rent from the government. This place requires regular maintenance work eating in to our precious reserves. It is also too small for us to conduct our day-to-day activities as we are short of space for the children. It pinches more on a rainy day as the children sit cramped in the passage.

Some of our children are staying with other families, as we do not have a hostel ourselves. We are also unable to expand the activities of the Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) due to this space constrain.

Therefore, it is imperative to have our own place, our own Children’s Home.  There is a strong and urgent need for such a place in Bijanbari.

Some factors for an URGENT need of a Children’s home are as under:

  • Some of the children live far away, up in the hill where there are no roads. They walk a long distance to get to school every day. Their families are unable to afford transportation to the school even if their house is by the roadside or if they walk halfway to a road head.
  • The classes at ILC get over by 1800 hours, by then it is already dark in Bijanbari. This is a major problem especially during monsoon season when it gets dark even earlier than this. The paths often get flooded or become slithery due to the rains. So, these children tend to miss the ILC classes and sometimes the school session itself.
  • Electricity is another major problem as the poor people cannot afford to have electricity and the area is witness to frequent load shedding.
  • Some parents are unable to take care of their children (also to walk/ bring them to school), guiding their education, helping the child prepare for school and providing necessities like proper nourishment.
  • Often if the child is bright in studies or ‘active’ then the parents and sometimes the village elders, request us to take the child under our care (even take them to a hostel) so that he/ she can have a bright future.
  • Lack of space in houses – most of the families live in rented places, whereby sometimes a family of six live in a small 6’by 8’ room. In some cases, the room resembles a stable.
  • This has a serious impact on the education of the senior children (age: 15-18 years). The level of education is very tough and the children need someone to help them with their preparation for the Board exams.
  • The senior kids have also felt the need to study together in a group under a teacher. Sometimes we accommodate them at the Trekker’s hut, especially during Exams. However, it is not always possible to do so especially when we have volunteers in the Hut.
  • Many children in the village fail to make the grades in their Class 10th Board exams. Luckily, so far our sponsored kids have been doing well academically and have come out as school toppers.
  • A class X or Class XII board failure means one is unlikely to get any job – especially the coveted government jobs. As a result, often the older kids often drop out of school and go to the cities to look for low-end jobs. When we move the ILC to our Children’s home, we will be able to help these children finish their higher secondary school and hope to get a better job that will sustain them.
  • Having a full-time facility will also help provide employment opportunities to people.

That is why we need to have our own place to provide care and facilities for the needy children.  Please note that we DO NOT intend to take away or separate the children from families. However, whenever it becomes necessary we provide such facilities ONLY after consultation with the parents (and sometimes at the behest of the parents themselves).

We hope to do more service to the children and women of the village. Therefore, it is our HUMBLE request you to kindly HELP us build this by contributing to our fund.