Get Involved


At present, we offer volunteer opportunities to teach English to small kids and adults. This is a good way to experience life in a rural area and exchange your idea and experiences. Who do you teach? School going children: Most of these kids are sponsored. The age group is from…

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Help Us Build

HELP US BUILD A CHILDREN’S HOME We operate from a building we rent from the government. This place requires regular maintenance work eating in to our precious reserves. It is also too small for us to conduct our day-to-day activities as we are short of space for the children. It…

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Sponsor A Child

One of the most important aspects of our project is the Child Sponsorship. Every year, we select a few deserving and needy children. In 2017, we have 28 kids and the number is growing each year. How do we choose the Kids? We are in touch with the local schools,…

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